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Sirena is a real Metropolis that has grown dramatically both in size and production. Sirena’s “population” increases practically every day and currently has 200 employees, 14 agencies and 1.200 distributors on the home market together with 223 European and non-European importers on the overseas market.

In just over 3 decades SIRENA has become a focal point within the electro-technical / electronic acoustic signalling sector as well as in the rotating, flashing and led visual signalling field.

A city full of activity, innovations, new techniques and technologies, unique in its field, meeting all customer demands in two main market sectors: industrial automation, robotics, control panels, security in dangerous zones E EX-D as well as warning and evacuation systems.

SIRENA is a city full of sound, light and colour that believes in the future and in its’ own resources and capabilities, ready to contribute as much as possible in improving the quality of safety in all working environments.